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Our Beloved Noah Wilson

Noah Wilson was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2014 (when he was only 6 years old), but never let it change his passion to help others.  He always had a huge heart, and was constantly looking for ways to help people. 


His love for others did not change even when he was facing a devastating diagnosis. When his treatment began, he found himself getting pokes almost daily.  The hospital where he was being treated did not have cool bandages, leaving the children there having to settle for the boring brown ones.


Noah saw this as an opportunity to help his fellow patients, and decided that he wanted to start collecting cool and fun bandages for his new friends.  You see, Noah knew that a bandage is so much more than just a wound cover and wanted to help others see how awesome a cool and fun bandage could be.

To Noah, a bandage is:

  • A Badge of Courage – shots and procedures hurt and can very easily bring anxiety to those who have to experience them. A bandage becomes their badge of honor showing others that they overcame something scary.  It helps them show off how brave they are!

  • An identity – especially on a cancer floor, where kids wear similar hospital gowns, are bald, and end up looking a lot alike, a bandage becomes a way that a child can express themselves, and share with others the things they think are cool.

  • Fun – Kids battling sickness of any kind need all the fun we can give them!


Noah also learned that when it comes to funding cancer research for kids, there is very little support. In fact, only 4% of the U.S. national cancer research budget goes to kids…4%!! So, Noah wanted to help in this area too, and takes money that is donated to his project and turns it into grants for pediatric cancer research.

Noah passed away in June of 2015, but not before starting his Bandage Project and making a huge difference in the world. In honor of Noah and his legacy, Noah’s Bandage Project continues and will continue to help kids all across the globe.

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